Friday, January 11, 2013

CHIC ICON: Jayne Mansfield

Meet our latest Chic Icon, one of Hollywood’s original blonde bombshells: Jayne Mansfield!

 Multifaceted and multitalented, Jayne was an actress in many hit films and television shows, on Broadway, a singer and one of the early Playboy Playmates. 

The buxom blonde quickly rose to stardom in 1957, winning a Golden Globe for “New Star of the Year”. 

Jayne was the proud owner of “The Pink Palace”, a mansion she bought in Beverly Hills. The luxurious abode was so given the name because everything in it was pink, Jayne’s favorite color (we can’t blame her for loving the hue)! 

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  1. You know Mariska Hargitay is her daughter.The actress who's plays on SVU

  2. Had no idea! Thanks for letting us know :) Fun fact!

  3. Jayne wore light powder around. The eyes, and beige makeup. Hair color at times Platinum or White blonde. Image was, bold sexual woman. Due, to Jayne physical appeal funny. Without laughter, Jayne wasn't this. Image always enjoy the natural beauty. Of Jayne whom, overshadowed. By label mate Marilyn note: Sheerie North (1932-2005) contract. Destroyed 1958 now Jayne allure platinum blond. Also, Jayne wore hair attachments. Later in mid-60's wigs blond colors. Attracted the fans Golden,White and Platinum. Later Jayne posed with brunette hair. Besides dismal career Jayne made. Statement only if Jayne debut later. In 60's and 70's. Influence Jayne said Mae West (1888-1980)was role model. Actual birth date of Mae anyway. Jayne
    had natural beauty wasn't keen. Accepting secondary comparison to
    Marilyn. Besides Madonna and Anna Nicole Smith (1967-2007) stole both there images. Chic your original great stylist. Links prior made fan of 50's Blonds. Oscars awards 1991 true, Madonna was. Emulating Jayne not Marilyn also Jayne. Wasn't tall short facial appeal nice chick bones. And lips and forehead thanks. Chic regarding Jayne natural beauty. Didn't need allot of makeup as Marilyn. Enjoy your site great links on former stars! Jayne and Anna Nicole pose for Playboy. Chic
    what hair care did Jayne endorse. During her career? Inform us thanks.