Thursday, May 26, 2011

Evolution of Makeup: The History of Eyeliner goes back to ancient times.

The history of eyeliner goes back to ancient times. The heavy lined eyes have been often depicted in Egyptian Art what means Egyptians wore different cosmetics as early as 10,000 BC. During that period, there was a belief that eyeliner protects the wearer from the evil's eye as well as helps protect the skin from the desert sun.

Black eyeliner was introduced to women in 1920 when King Tut's (Tutankhamun is an Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty) tomb was discovered. That year brought many changes to the world of fashion. Women finally felt more free when applying makeup.

1960's - Eyes became the major focus of the face. Cosmetic companies such as Max factor developed new ranges of false lashes, waterproof mascara, liquid and cake liners!!!

Nowadays there is a wide range of different stores for eyeliners on the market: everything from ordinary drug stores to department and designer boutiques. I doubt anybody ever thought of history of cosmetics and how it was originally used by people when buying a makeup product. Stay tuned with a chic life for the next updates on Evolution of Makeup!


  1. Wow, this is cool I didn't know that. I loved learning about Eyptians in school and I always use liquid liners. Nice post


  2. Thank you so much!! I love Ancient History:) What liquid liner is your favorite?)

  3. the stuff was not only to protect them agains the sun but also from flies biting them.