Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pet Stocking Stuffers

In the hustle and bustle that comes with the holidays, it is important not to forget our furry friends that bring so much joy to us all year long! In honor of all the four-legged, two-winged or finned pets, Chic Studios offers some gifting opportunities to show the love to man and woman's best friends!

For your rockstar kitty in training is this fun and hip DJ Cat Scratching Pad. Not only will you be helping your purring partner keep their muscle tone and nails strong, but maybe they have a future spinning for the crowds in Vegas ;)
Modernize your Nemo's home past the usual fishbowl with this stylish Fish Hotel. Swimming never looked so 4-star!
Pretty and punky in pink and purple will be your pint-size pooch in this fun printed designer doggie outfit with orange accents by Pink Polka Dog. Fido never looked so funky!
For our fair feathered friends, keep your beaked beauty active and enchanted with the Nature's Instinct Birdie Basketball Gym.
After a frolic in the snow, your four-legged companion might need a grooming session -- pamper your pooch with a shampoo designed specifically to address the needs of the pawed! Pet Head Shampoo comes in three types -- Dirty Talk for deodorizing, Fears for Tears for sensitive dogs, and Quickie for squirming pups!
So, when you're done decking the halls, hit the malls for some pet goodies for your favorite animal friend! Happy Holidays!

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