Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Top 5 moments we loved at the Olympics Closing Ceremony

Going for the Gold

They went for the gold... and usually we're referring to bronzer or shadow. But this time, we're wrapped up in the Olympics! After a summer of triumph, scandal, and competition (good, bad and very nail-biting!), alas the Summer London Olympics comes to a close. Some of our favorite moments of the Closing Ceremony, you ask? 

We wouldn't miss a beat...

1. Victoria Beckham at the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. 
Makeup done by Stila artist Sarah Lucero!

2. Spice Girls reuniting in general. 
Girl power had many different meanings this summer, and the closing ceremony was no exception. Check out the Spices all grow'ed up -- like a fine wine, they age well :)

3. This. I mean, we're literally speechless.

4. The Supermodel golden walk of fame. 
Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Jourdan Dunn in Alexander McQueen. What a glittery, stunning runway and a return of some of the Supermodels we know and love (to watch!).

5. The flagbearer's parade -- makes you feel so patriotic for the U.S.A...
and every other country!

Oh Rio... we are ready for you to outdo this! (Gotta love the competitive spark!)

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