Saturday, July 28, 2012

In it to Win it - Olympic Spirit is Alive!

...AND why we love the Games!

Every few years, the world becomes enthralled with a competitive event that is like no other. We unite collectively to watch and cheer on our country's athletes compete against the best of the best. This, is the Olympic Games, and this weekend marked the start of the 2012 Summer Olympics!

The start of the Olympic Movement came during the 20th and 21st centuries, but many changes have come since; the growth of the Games has allotted more nations and more sports to be represented. What the Olympics also do is give the opportunity for the host city to showcase their country to the world. On Friday, that's exactly what happened -- London introduced a creative and inspiring Opening Ceremony that has been the talk of the nation all weekend.

London had a lot to live up to; the last Olympics in Beijing was highlighted as one of the best, and the past host cities in Italy, Greece and Australia were building up to outdo the others. And as we wonder what Brazil will bring in 2016, we also pay homage to what our overseas neighbors brought to us on Friday night!

Here, five moments we loved from the past and present:

1. The Olympics Special effects -- hello lights, camera and action! The over the top, but right on the money fires and sparkles made us giddy for gold!

2. The anticipation of Michael Phelps "last Olympics." He won us over in 2008 with his six-medal win in Beijing (and his physique didn't hurt our eyes ;)

3. The carrying of the torch; whether it be David Beckham (who carries our torches anyway!), or another inspiring athlete, we have to admit we get a bit teary-eyed at the flames, but excited for the games!

4. Girl power -- from tennis maven Serena Williams (who just won round 1 - you go!), to the strong teams in swimming, gymnastics, basketball, among others, these women give us a reason to get off the couch -- (or at least sit on it for a few to cheer them on)! 

Here are some women to watch in London this Olympics:

Rebecca Bross, Gymnastics

Rebecca Soni, Swimming

Allyson Felix, Sprinting

Who are you excited to cheer on? What's your favorite event? 
We love watching the gymnastics and swimming!

Go Team USA!

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