Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Being called 'blush' in English and 'rouge' in French, this makeup product has always been very popular!!! Both men and women, royals and ordinary people wore blush to look more healthy and beautiful!

Historically, rouge was used as early as in ancient Egypt. It was also applied on the lips, the way lipstick would be used today.

In ancient Greece, crushed mulberries were favored, while red beet juice and crushed strawberries have also variously been used.

During the Regency period in England, both men and women wore rouge!

In Britain's Victorian Age, many ladies used to pinch their cheeks, bite their lips to make them appear red.

Did you know that even in 1920s rouge came in a big variety of textures: cream, liquid, powder?

A "Kissproof" Lipstick Ad from 1920s.

At that time rose family shades as well as berry shades were the most popular! The rouge was applied to the apples of the cheeks, exactly as it would be applied today. In 1925 orange rouge was a big favorite!!!


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