Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Ashley Maybruck, who took the 4 Week Professional Makeup Artistry Course in April as well as the Basic Hair Styling advanced course, has been in high demand in the industry since she graduated! Check out the update on what she has been up to:

What have you been up to since graduating from Chic?
Since graduating from Chic Studios I have done a few photoshoots, an independent film, a music video for MTV's Dylan DilinJah, and I am also 1 of 2 Key artists for the Plitzs shows for New York Fashion Week. I have a few weddings lined up as well.

What has been your favorite gig thus far?
Every gig has a different feel and atmosphere however, my favorite gig thus far would probably be New York Fashion Week.

What is your schedule like during this Fashion Week?
My schedule for this fashion week is crazy! I had 10 shows for Plitzs on Saturday September 10th and 12 shows for them on Sunday September 11th as well as the Morgan Carper show on Sunday morning. Then I have the Stacy Lomman show on September 16th!

What three products could you not do without in your kit?
The 3 essential products that I absolutely CANNOT live without is my MAC Fluidline, my Makeup Forever Flash Palatte, and my OCC Lip Tars!

What artists do you look up to?
I admire Ve Neil. She is more Special Effects makeup but I just look up to her so much! I met her at The Makeup Show in NYC and it was truly the first time that I was speechless. I just stare at her work and try and figure out how she did it and what products she used.

What do you love right now?
I am really inspired right now by art such as oil paintings, mainly Kevin LLewellyn. His art is darker in spirit but mindblowing. I am also inspired by music,
I will listen to a song and try to create a story based around the makeup.
As far as designers go I am a Betsy Johnson girl yet I LOVE Rebecca Taylors new line for NYFW. It is very feminine with different patterns and textures but with light airy materials.
I have traveled around the world and one of my all time favorite places that just continues to inspire me is Paris, not only is it the fashion capital of the world but it has a certain spark about it that just lights up the imagination and creativity.

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