Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Summer is the warmest season, the days and night are the longest and the mood is vibrant. Outdoor activities and sports, suntanning, eating ice-cream...what could be more fun? SWIMMING!!!!

Public Pools in Brooklyn
are usually open from June to September. Hours are from 9am-7pm and swimming is free!!!


Betsy Head Swimming Pool
694 Thomas S Boyland Street (718) 965-6581

Bushwick Swimming Pool 849 Flushing Avenue (718) 452-2116

Commodore Barry Swimming PoolFlushing Avenue and N Elliot Street
(718) 243-2593

Douglas and DeGraw Swimming Pool Third Avenue and Nevins Street
(718) 625-3268

Howard Swimming Pool Glenmore and East New York Avenue (718) 385-1023

Red Hook Swimming Pool
155 Bay Street (718) 722-3211

Sunset Park Swimming Pool
Seventh Avenue and 43rd Street (718) 965-6578

Dear Beauty Queens, please remember that swimming can damage you hair a lot and don't forget to protect! Swimmers can suffer from dry hair and skin. We recommend you use some anti chlorine shampoos and skin care.


REDKEN cleanses with a special blend of chelators to help remove chlorine and salt residue. The shampoo's exclusive Interbond Conditioning System delivers proteins, natural oil, sunscreens, and anti-oxidant vitamin A to help protect!!

L'Anza Swim & Sun Daily Chelating Shampoo
, $17

This shampoo is an extra gentle sulfate-free and EDTA-free chelating shampoo that removes impurities from pool water - well water - hard water and the environment.

Kao John Frieda Sheer Blonde Highlight Activating Daily Shampoo, For Honey Caramel blondes
, $15

Neutralizes chlorine. With natural caramel, honey & wheat germ extracts Innovatively formulated to counteract blonde's tendency to dull and darken, sheer blonde Highlight Activating Shampoo rids hair of darkening and drabbing residues caused by mineral deposits in water or by filmy, product build-up.

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  1. as someone who is not familiar with the area whatsoever, I appreciate the info about the pools! thanks!