Tuesday, July 26, 2011


1. Green tea originates from China and has become associated with many cultures in Asia from Japan and South Korea to the Middle East. Green Tea has plenty of health benefits:regular green tea drinkers have lower chances of heart disease and of developing certain types of cancer. Green tea doesn't produce immediate weight loss, but helps to speed up your metabolism, and stimulate fat oxidation.

2. Fruit Smoothies! CHIC FAVORITE IS STRAWBERRY BANANA: 1 banana, 5-8 strawberries, some lime juice, ice cubes. Have fun by mixing up different fruits with ice, or skim milk.

3. Carrot Juice is an excellent source of vitamins A, C. Pure carrot juice is a very low calorie drink. Eight fluid ounces of the beverage are only 80 calories and it's the best nutritional supplement for dieters!!

4. The energizing effect of the coffee bean was discovered in the northeast region of Ethiopia, and the cultivation of coffee first expanded in the Arab world. From the Muslim world, coffee spread to Italy, then to the rest of Europe, to Indonesia, and to the Americas. Organic black coffee contains a great deal of health benefits: reduces the risk of diabetes and cancer, boosts your mood, energy level, improves the concentration and it contains.....no calories!!!

5. Iced Water is the best drink to keep yourself on top!! The Institute of Medicine suggests women drink 9 cups a day. If you exercise, you'll need to drink extra water to compensate for that fluid loss. Water prevents heart diseases, depression, sleep disorders, lack of energy. Don't forget to hydrate your body and skin properly!

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