Friday, January 7, 2011

CHIC Everyday Essential for Your Bag.......Pack your must haves in your purse, such as:

1- Perfume
2- Comb/Brush (to take your hair from a bun or ponytail to a down, sleek style) 
3- Shine Serum (ask for a sample when you purchase this and keep the small sample in your bag)
4- Hydrating Lip gloss (in mauve, cranberry or vibrant raspberry colors which adds an instant pop of color to your face)
5- Hand Moisturizer (find a brand you like in the travel section to keep your bag as light as possible)
6- Gloves (apply the hand moisturizer then put on your gloves to keep them soft)
7- Scarf (need I say more :)
8- Cream Blush (which can be used over your eyelids also) 
9- Eye Liner (which can be used all year round to open up the eyes and take a makeup look from day to night!)
10- Flats (or heels) so you can switch out your shoes from work to party!

Stay Warm and Keep Your Bag as Light as Possible......

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