Tuesday, January 18, 2011

5 Things we LOVE.....

I love: MAC Kissable Lipcolour
mLuscious in pay-off and application, Kissable Lipcolour applies with the smooth glide of a lip gloss, then finishes with the creamy pigment-rich look of a lipstick.

I love: Dermatologica Gentle Cream Exfoliant -Help your skin shine!
It is very important to exfoliate your skin! This product is developed to help your skin shine. Enhances the natural process of shedding dry, old skin cells.
Improve your skin tone, keep it clear and smooth!!

I love: MAC Bronzer in "Golden"
"I am naturally fair skinned, but not into the whole Snooki-fake bake look. Instead of causing skin damage by overtanning, I just sweep some of MAC's bronzer in "Golden" over my face and neck. I love the glow it gives me! Makes me look sunkissed, even in the winter!"--Christina Olivo, studio manager

I love: Korres Lip Saver Roll
Small lip care kit, perfect choice for NY winter! Deep hydration is guaranteed. It is always difficult to keep your lips perfect especially when it is cold. The combination of Shea Butter and Rice Wax offers you softness together with great pop colors: pomegranate, pink, jasmine, wild rose, neutral and much more....Formulated WITHOUT toxic ingredients. Small size of the Product allows you to carry it in your bag easily and experiment with colors all the time. Enjoy!

I love: Smythe & Rawls
This is a baby/mommy friendly jewelry line, that looks "CHIC", feels individual, with quality like Tiffany's! It is truly show-stopper pieces, that will last a life time! (but the secret's out, you don't have to be a mommy to wear them!) The makeup, on the "mommy" model (on the website) was done by one of our Chic Studios pro team artists, Rani Shortland.

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