Tuesday, July 6, 2010

HEATWAVE! Stay cool, fresh, and gorgeous!

It is an undeniable truth that summers in NYC are brutal. As women, we've had to alter our beauty routines in the summer in order to accommodate the unavoidable truth: by the end of the day, we are no longer the shimmering, dewy, beach goddess we once were just hours before, but have transformed int an indecipherable, overheated, melting, frizzy, sweaty, mess. C'mon, Let's be honest.

Luckily for us, there are some AMAZING products to help us plow through the scorching city days, still looking and feeling fab!

First, keep your skin cool with Evian Mineral Spray. Just a quick spritz of this light mist will keep your skin feeling fresh, hydrated, and cool throughout the day.

Lips feeling a bit sun-kissed? Einstein's Lip Therapy Cooling Relief (from co-creator of Hard Candy) has a little cool burst upon application. With use of both vitamins A and E, it will keep your lips cool, soft, and moist.

FUN FACT: July 6th is National Kissing Day! Prime your lips with Einstein's Lip Therapy Cooling Relief, followed by MAC lipstick in Neon Orange, for a crazy, sexy, cool color combination that will be sure to give your honey some summer fever!

Lastly, get your shine on with a classic XXX Shine Lipgloss by Urban Decay. With it's peppermint tingle and lustrous luminosity, you'll be sure to put your best lips forward.

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