Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Beauty Hall of Fame: Marilyn Monroe.

"You don't just wake up in the morning and wash your face and comb your hair and go out and look like Marilyn Monroe. She knew every trick of the beauty trade." Milton H. Greene, photographer.

Monroe was born in the Los Angeles County Hospital on June 1, 1926, as Norma Jeane Mortenson.Her career began when Norma was signed with Blue Book Modeling Agency during the war. She bleached her brunette hair to a golden blond and began researching the work.

Norma started appearing on dozens of magazine covers and became a very successful model, received the opportunities of acting career. It was the time when Marilyn got noticed by Ben Lyon, a 20th Century Fox executive, who arranged a screen test for her. Lyon was impressed and commented, "It's Jean Harlow all over again." Norma Jeane picked Marilyn Monroe to be her name and started from $125 weekly salary. Her first movie role was an uncredited role as a telephone operator in The Shocking Miss Pilgrim in 1947.

“I'm very definitely a woman and I enjoy it.” Marilyn Monroe

For many years the name 'Marilyn Monroe" has been an association with beauty and style, her image (red lips, black eyeliner and platinum blond hair) is deeply in generations' memory. Nowadays, many celebrities wear her image and use her beauty tricks as well!(Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Scarlett Johansson)

Famous Beauty Secrets

"No one ever told me I was pretty when I was a little girl. All little girls should be told they are pretty, even if they aren't." Marilyn Monroe

* Ice baths to keep her skin look young and firm:)
* Wore hats to protect her skin from the sun!
* Marilyn used vaseline to moisturize her skin!!!
* False Eyelashes were cut in half, applied just on the outer corners of the eyes.
* Monroe would use five different shades of lipstick to achieve her look. To finish up she would put white highlight color on the middle of her lips.

"I am good, but not an angel. I do sin, but I am not the devil. I am just a small girl in a big world trying to find someone to love."
— Marilyn Monroe


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    Hollywood and Chic studios, on comment. Chic studio's malicious your opinion. Chic is renowned when international film. Studio's film in NYC and East coast they always. Recruite Chic, stylist are professionals hairstyles. Original mention, putting down Madonna. Do understand the article sharing. Marilyn's beauty allure those influence. By Marilyn and clones Madonna is copycat. I'll say on Madonna celebrity appeal. Marilyn and former stars reverted upon.

    Example Gwen Stefani whom blonde is signature. On covers Harper's Bazaar March 2005,May 2007 and October 2012. Gwen on Vogue April 2004,
    Cosmopolitan June 2004 and Jan 2010. Whom popularity given Blonde new.
    Coloring even Madonna couldn't allow this. Rolling Stone Dec 2005 Madonna became. Rita Hayworth,Anne Marget and Marie Montez. Lady Madonna the acclaim image stealer really nows. Former stars allure on
    Gwen on covers Elle note. Each issue of iternational editions. Offer
    different photo session not what. Your assuming same photos for all.

    Gwen Elle 2007,2009,2011 and 2012. Platinum Blonde Gwen not emulating
    someone else. Only beauty of Gwen admire her voice. Beauty similar to
    essences of Marilyn. Gwen on Rolling Stone May 1997 and Jan 2005. On
    Madonna doing performance of Marie Montez. July 1998 Rolling Stone
    when does it cease? Never I understand the logic Chic. Madonna renowed
    for comments, on appearance. Others time for new look Madonna. Not dated image of yester years. Fear of allure from others even. Chynna Phillips of Wilson Phillips reminds me. Of short blonde 70's style the. Group debut on Rolling Stone May 1991. Sold 2% million copies wow! During high of Marilynlization of Madonna. Fans stated Chynna had
    nature facial lines. To bad Chynna didn't become actress. On Jayne,Diana and Marilyn the following sites. All Tumbir.com excellent
    rare photo's of fiery blondes. Harlow-Jean,Vintagegal,Thatsjustelegant
    and Lynxolita.tumbir. Madonna is consider the victim on Chic studio's.

    Blog without merit just drawing. Conclusion acknowledge beauty and fame. Without being lame from strange dame Madonna. Herb Ritts admitted during "True Blue"sessions informed. Client be nature and yourself decide. Show facial structure oppose front. Why? Madonna didn't have the Marilyn "that's face". Attention on MyMadonna.fr image
    is Barbara Lang,Kim Novak and Sheere North. Stylist and make up artist renowed at Chic studios. Clients Asia,Europe,South America and
    Australia so whom. Belittling whom? On remark Madonna net worth? Yes
    proud of any artist success. Madonna commented on Marilyn how? Different era's during "Golden Hollywood" it was fame. Not wealth Ms.

    Vanity ooophs. Image enhancer. Gotten $386 million buy out when. Sold
    her, rights of former Maverick entertainment 2005. Wow! Do we envy no Gwen, Lady Gaga and Christina. Go for it visit Chic renowned. Studio
    of excellance Lady Gaga about sign deal. French movie studio even Marilyn admire. The decision Chic thank you. For the memories of Marilyn timeless Queen. Of elegance Chic professionals are diligent.

    Debbi Harry stated, admired former stars. For influence said artist today. Stole her image view Debbi on cover. Def Dumb and Blonde 1989
    Facial of Marilyn 1962 years, Madonna. Face presently, looks as Debbi.
    Always the critics going judge Madonna. Upon, which image stolen bye.

  50. Blonde Ambitions or desire for Madonna. Media hype, including myself
    saying. Madonna beauty compare to platinum blonde stars? Contradiction facial lines exclusively Madonna. Not even close regarding Gwen Stefani. Attractive regarding body flat chested on Lady Gaga. Comic least there making effort. Becoming know, for there artistic. Statements when preview either two. You'll admiring the beauty not someone. Else former glory which Madonna. Conjures on Madonna preview, Pyxurtz.blog,Madonnalicious.com,Ultimatemadonna.com,Madonnashots.com,Allaboutmadonna.com and Heart.co.uk-changing styles Madonna. Especially, exaggerated Blonde Ambition tour no doubt. New appearance for Madonna, still. Emulating her idols 30.s and 50's. To most your saying Madonna. Just bought attention to former era. Results notice success of Dick Tracy 1990. Media continue say elegance of Marilyn. Madonna failed to conceive new image. Original style as Gwen and Lady Gaga. Vanity is at fault Madonna gotten acclaim. Now 20yrs later the truth Chic. Thanks for showing those admiring former. Fan of Film Nior tired media saying. Madonna reverted glamor style. Enough topic finally come. To
    close Chic well verse upon style. Since leader in Beauty concepts! Bye

  51. Final comment thanks Chic for my. Two or worth cents Madonna. Simply,
    Chameleon donning another not image. But established, character true.
    Critics shall always say, what icon. Has Madonna used to get attention. Looking at the links on Blonde Ambition tour. Above and
    True or Dare statement Madonna. Finally, gotten Hollywood fame regarding. Moview enjoy listen to Madonna sing. Marilyn was talented
    actress whom. Eventually to become dramatic actress Madonna. Has never
    gotten fans to support filmgraphy. Okay to emulate Marilyn doesn't.

    Have the audience as Marilyn whom. Opposite attraction not distraction
    Madonna. Popular emulator of Marilyn Chic. Aware of this saw Vanity Fair April 1990. Helmut Newton photographer "River of No Return"
    and Bus Stop. Marilyn "Strawberry Blonde" Madonna stealing from Marilyn! Styleite.com recommend best covers Madonna. Enjoy success why? Madonna emulating another stars popularity. Thanks comments are
    close excellent links. On Marilyn and former Hollywood. Thank you bye.

  52. Hair style of remembrace of Marilyn. French curls yes, era from 1951-1957. Enhance the beauty of Marilyn others. Inspired same attention even Belinda Carlisle. Attempted portray 50's allure Herb Ritts. And
    Phillip Dixon crave for attention getting. Chic your accurate Madonna
    has___magnified. Not Marilyn's remembrance but Blonde. Seduction for
    those reading Madonna beat. You on next best Platinume Blonde. The-love-Marilyn Monroe.popsugar.com rare photo's. Nothing to discuss effort my insight delighted. To hair style popular 50's. French curl not associate actress name sake. Madonna could be anyone clone wannabe! Anyone schedule appointment with Chic. Stylist are magnificent appropriate name. Madonna "Ms. Work of Body" fashions best. Great job for those need. Study history of influence by CHic.

    1. Clone or something? Clarified allot by reading on influence. Marilyn note: whom also industry machine. No doubt took charge of her appearance. Madonna why are using
      others looks! They had what it took! Get booked that is capture fans attention! Oscars 1997 Madonna singing You Must Love Me? No emulating Audrey Hepburn wow. Duet Babyface
      another performance Audrey. Years 1997-2010 Antia Ekberg
      when does it stop! Ms. Sexy? Or it continues, photos Koto
      Bdofo 1989. Interview magazine no wonder Marilylization.

      Gotten Madonna acclaim beauty and prefection. Marilyn was
      attractive woman make up enhance. Those with imagination Madonna please! Rock the Vote 1990 Marilyn n Jayne 1954-1957. Steve Klein 2007 photos Debbie Harry, Marilyn 1962 and
      Jayne 1964-67. Difference make-up doesn't compliment youth.

      Even rough years of stars listed. My opinion had nature beauty. Madonna inspired by Norma Jean sessions 1946. Elle
      magazine 1998 favor Marilyn also Dolce & Gabbana. Steve Klein sessions observe Madonnalicious.com,Queenmadonna.com,
      Allaboutmadonna.com,Mad-eyes.net and Absolutemadonna.com.

      Chic thank you schedule anytime. For hair styling your renowned. Salon why? French,German,Japanese and Polish networks. Whom film in NYC always consult. Best in trade bye. Madonna has displace or erase beauty. Marilyn? Not so!

  53. Encyclopedia of Madonna's desires to become. Former blond entertainers writing from. Denmark some additional sites wow! Chic
    wish you had locations in Europe. Never thought Madonna had anything.
    Could never displace Marilyn nor Jayne. Go to Palzoo.net Marilyn n
    Jayne and fashionmostwanted.blog type Madonna or Jayne. Gofeminin.de
    detail on Marilyn type Blonde Versuchung tragsche Figur Zum 50. Brings
    rare pictures of Marilyn and wannabes! Fan-de-bb.forumpro.fr detailed
    on Jayne rare pictures!!!! Marilyn Lexode.com and Eforu.com, both. Marilyn n Jayne great informative blog. Truth or Dare? Dishonest n Lies didn't present original attire. Trying to steal Marilyn's iamge!

    1. Chic may I have another washing? Regarding beauty of Marilyn share. Additional sites all Tumbir.com. Easy settings, just depress archives see. Lovely Marilyn thanks for links. Chic studios Marilynfacts,ThebeautyofMarilyn-Depress films,Alwaysmarilynmonroe,Lifeofmarilynmonroe,Maril
      monroe and Heartofmarilynmonroe. Seek film the essential beauty of Marilyn. Links detailed also Thebestofmarilynmonro
      e,Notamachine-detailed,Marilynmonroe-.tumbir(I don't mind li
      ving man's world)Ourmarilyn and MarilynandJayne. Finally the
      end has arised bought. Facts along humor Chic for now. Thank
      you for allow proper discussion. On confusion of princples!

  54. Upon bashing Lady Madonna there. Worse impersonations of Marilyn and
    denying it. Christina Aguilera apparently, the critics comparing. Don't know Marilyn's facial appeal. Christina has elongated features White platinum. Hairstyles and bust are minor Chrisina. Reminds me of Mame Van Doren 1931 yes this test of time. Still reigning "blonde" someone age. Golden beauty Mae West Mame is over 75yrs old. Plastic surgery looks of 40's Brittney Spears. Next Marilyn when does it ever stop. On Anna Nicole Smith would made excellent Jayne Mansfield. Tired of same dated reminder of Marilyn's allure. Pink Dress of 1953 or White dress 1955. Upon, Jayne and Diana there wore White Blonde. Thanks for your excellent site. On history those influence by Marilyn.

    1. Marilyn used many different applications. On cosmetics on
      power renowed. Marilyn used two which mixed. For nature tone
      which effect. Became standard...exaggerated eye lashes. Well
      during last years still. Attractive I know Madonna angered
      since. Established Ms. Sexy being compared former. Stars your homage Vogue video okay! Website Lagaleriedelinstant.com shows current photographers. Yes,
      decide what era Madonna used for attention.

      Obsessionphoto.com has many photos top fashion photographers. Chic your site accurate enjoying it! Madonna
      is 54yrs. age career 31yrs show business. Without photoshop
      on Madonna recommend. Didn't mean to offend Madonna natural.

      Beauty Newmadonnamusic.blog,Madonnalicious.com-depress years
      1997-2009 and Queenmadonna (photo gallery) detailed. Best site on icons of Madonna Steve Klein photos. Inspired by Bert Stern Marilyn last settting 1962. Preview W magazine
      Madonna, cease wearing White Blond. Not becoming split ends!

      Mad-eyes.net detailed showing present. Years of Madonna image George Barris and Bert Stern. When does it stop? Never
      Marilyn and former blondes sell. Madonna-evolution blog number one archives. Pictures of Madonna upon, Marilyn fans.

      Divinemarilyn. canablog shows detailed. Last Setting and George Barris entire sets. Rare photos excellent links on
      Marilyn. One only siren of beauty why. Admires read and schedule appointments with Chic studios! Tom Munro setting
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      what difference between Cheetah and Madonna? Simple well one
      has natural features. Madonna false n paste funny so true.

      Lady Gaga doesn't have need. To conceed or emulate era! Why?
      Lady Gaga is making fashion statement. Photo session contrive Lady not some era. Welcome both to Chic studios.

      NYC best without unrest were the best! Hate disappoint those
      admiring originality. Yma Sumac (1922-2008)and Hedy Lamar (1913-2000. Forgotten another image Louise Brooks (1906-1985) funny making fun of Chic studios. Were only stylist with class with original concepts. Yes, can prefect "nostalgia" Madonna. Whom, eager to become Burnette
      or Blond. Gotten attention from catalog of Hollywood. Greats
      deplict years 1997-2010 listed greats. Appear present look
      70's Blond glory. Ray of Light either Yma,Hedy or Louise.

      Marilyn was legand great site. Mmbooks.canablog detailed titles on Marilyn. With links rare photos,Thefoxling.blog.
      Fans if you avid fan as we. Chic studios this "excellent site! Has rare photo's yes, those inspired. Madonna title is
      book available "Dressing Marilyn". Ms. Pretty always reverted for beauty!!!! One of kind compare to wannabes!

      Madonna addressing fans Time Square 1987. Image Marilyn 1955
      thank you. Note were best regarding styling. Alluring concepts enjoy myself reading. Information on Marilyn bye!

  55. Problem with comment upon acting. Marilyn serious actress whom only.
    Gotten recognition for beauty and dumb. See era of gender segregation.
    Boring social depress "cold war" decade. Women just dumb and bare'agony of discrimination. Not ahead of response Marilyn.

    Exclusively, entertainment watching Marilyn's former roles. Today standards as Pamla Anderson Lee label. Poor actress not even B movie
    actress. Marilyn was sold by only beauty. Least Jayne and Diana play
    not beauty roles. Eventually if Marilyn lived 70's would be. Her demise problem a nut farm why? Up coming actress Jane Fonda to name.

    Few Farah Fawcett could Marilyn compete? Brittney,Gwen and Madonna only visual. Is the purpose of becomoe blonde? Excitement and bombastic vanity I'm the hottest woman! Preposterous Chic Studio's I'm
    sure the intent. Elaborate upon, the makeup concepts. To many women
    believe using. Same cosmetic applications bring attention. Madonna not
    the situation down right. Stealing and trying become larger than.

    Marilyn popularity wise both equal. Beauty never erase Marilyn's image. Jayne Mansfield I learn allot on your blog. Underrated and pretty along figure informed. Jayne image was consider risque. Marilyn
    was allow to show erotic influence. Gwen Stefani present modern attraction. Blonde if reading this Gwen you. Need to decrease brightness of hew of Blonde. Try light brown blondes at times. Your color at times become dated and problematic. Madonna you'll always be
    called "Clone" Marilyn! Depress 1990,91 and 1993 Steve Miesel whom.

    Madonna victim that is image stolen. Patrick Demarchelier same as other years Marilynlization or Jayne. Madonna became international star by 1990. Thought going replicate attraction of Marilyn. Yes, until truth is among us. Not innovative Madonna try Ohyeahpop and Deathbecomesherr both Tumbir. Depress Madonna or former actress image
    user! Dawnschickflicts.blog excellent detailed. Jayne,Marilyn,Betty and Joi Lansing. Madonna used Joi Lansing image for Girlie Show. Tour
    bock photos 1993 use to be my playground. Inspired by Diana Dors simple on Diana. Years 1954-1963 Madonna use these. Enhance career wow! Ms. Fashion statement Marilyn never chose. To use others why?

    Dearest Marilyn was icon no fashion statement! Madonna attended Japanese music awards 1990. Stole no other Grace Kelly yes. See for yourself Madonnacollect.co.uk same as prior years. Gather every former
    "icon" of beauty on Onthecovermagazine.blog and Madonnascrapbook.blog.
    Alberto Tolot photos of Madonna either Jayne or Marilyn. Even Diana and Sheere North also Jean Baptiste Mondino 1990. Madonna-alteregos.blog and Madonna-gettogether.fr blog. Written links detailed
    you decide what era stolen from. Marilyn fans enjoy this blog why?

    Sharing content and rare photo's glamorous era. Style beauty and original artistic statements. Not reusing former era Ms. Madonna! Generation presently can relate to 50's bombshells. Madonna cease wearing platinum showing your age! Marilynlization of Pop entertainment reach statement. Madonna never gotten signature statement as Marilyn. What? Fashion and Art critics address Madonna.
    Wannabe using what popular. Chic I'll schedule appointment soon. Myself not trying be another beauty. Comments officially close thanks!

  56. Madonna you popular finally influences. Others original style upon Marilyn also. Beauty of era, French curls during. 60'S half eye lashes
    heavy face power. No doubt bought attention allure of Marilyn. On Marilyn found these sites rare photos. Marilyn-pour-toujours.com detailed depress era and photographers. Madonna the wannabe: affluent entertainer. Once, discussed different era Marilyn still. Brings appreciation to beauty forget. About Marilyn's personals struggles both. Around same time if Marilyn a singer. Madonna? Wanted be that popular watch French Glamor June 1990 inspired Marilyn's. Let's Make Love 1960 same hair styles. Madonna even copied Jon Bon Jovi. Hair style
    and look 1999-2002 and Britnney Spears look. Europe title of glamor
    sold well. 13 million copies many thought Marlena. No Marilyn 1960 French hairstyles go to Madonnatribe.com. See covers and photos and
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  57. Edie Adams 1927-2008, was excellent performer. Could impersonate Marilyn beauty. Watch Richard
    Avedon photos of 1961 in Nice,FR and NYC session.
    Same year, research excellent thanks. Chic I know,
    opera companies consult. Your staff Madonna be yourself. Why? Not fashion model so overrated. Marilyn beauty enhance late years. Why natural features not Hollywood. Image Marilyn establish
    boldness of attire. And poses,setting and new concepts. Long live remembrance of Marilyn Monroe.

  58. Saw pictures of Marilyn Willy Rizzo. Whom (1928-2013) later years Marilyn beauty. Cosmetics were natural pale and rose. Color foundations hair coloring usually. White blonde or Platinum regarding Madonna. Never fails used Willy during French and British
    magazines. 1991 and 1993 great blog enjoying. It finding facts wanndabe artist. Can't emulate Blonde golden era why? Madonna used and stole it besides. Life has dedication
    to Marilyn 2014. Rare photos I admire the mid 50's Marilyn. To natural allure of Cecil Beaton photos. Once, before Madonna used many. Same photographers yes don great.
    Job stealing from Marilyn never. Replace Ms.Strike A Pose...no other. Madonna Ms.Icon!

  59. Going change my hair style. Yes influence by others whom. Wouldn't be I could never. Be Marilyn nor attempt I'll. Say this about Madonna she. Pulled off being compare to late
    siren. On last comment on Misfits 1961. Photos of Eve Aronld session with Marilyn. 1955
    your accurate during 80's especially. Hair style of 1987-88 totally Marilyn. Even attire whom career success. Of Madonna during MTV thought original. Websites show the truth.
    Hakyong gallery.com,Emblah13 wordpress and indemaudable.com. Madonna has new look 2014 curly locks. Trying be whom? Cheryl Ladd of the 70's never stops. I prefer
    golden brunette not blonde. Marilyn whom change shades always. Look great thanks to staff. Excellent research on Marilyn rare photos. Admire Madonna never be compare to Marilyn.

  60. Now last years of Marilyn beauty. Wasn't external false eye lashes. Heavy cosmetics: shown age. Felt Marilyn trying repeat the allure. Of early 50's to many new trends. Can about during 50's always enjoyed. Jayne Mansfield and Sophia Loren why beyond beauty.
    Marilyn remembrance shining blonde. Signature colors which Madonna needs. Turn to
    browns or brown blonde. Myself former blonde wearing brunette. Why age the compile
    images of Marilyn and stars. You are renowned salon say. Opera and foreign productions firms recruit your staff. No laugh your great to take. Respect of Marilyn one only siren. My opinion upon Madonna. Ms. Stolen Moments Brigitte Bardo French star. During 90's
    and influences Madonna used. Her style French magazine show. Comparing truth especially Paris Vogue 1993. Life Magazine tribute to Marilyn 2014. Vintag.es great site you see photos of Marilyn. Allan Grant former Life magazine photographer. Session with
    Madonna 1989,1991 and 1995. Emulating former Hollywood Madonna Allan shot. Madonna during Dick Tracy 1990 style. Ed Feingrsh and Frank Powalny sessions. Marilyn sorry Madonna a fan your stealing. From Marilyn share the fame not blaming. You
    untruths of "Strike A Pose or Suppose? Brigitte Bardo films The Night Heaven Fall and
    Please Not Now. Reminds of Sex Book 1992 and Bed Time Stores 1994. Attire hair styles
    of others please. Madonna schedule appearance with Chic. There unique saying established fashion. New York City not so your pretty. Never could displace Marilyn bye.

  61. Gwen Stefani played Jean Harlow film. The Aviator (2004) facial structure Gwen. Reign
    as former siren of 30's. Oppose Madonna imitation of Jean. During mid 90's watch take
    BedTime stories 1994. Preview Marilyn photos session as Jean. Richard Avedon notice same poses Jean. Power cosmetics Madonnanation.com comparing. Marilyn or Pinterest
    Madonna,Gwen and others emulating Jean Harlow. Fan sites on Marilyn Marilynmonroe.ek.la,Notamachine.tumbir.com and Normajean.blog. Rare photos of Marilyn never seen before. Once prior enjoy your blog. Madonna been expose for using
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  62. Strike a Suppose? Not a original pose emulating. Lost era besides fans not. Engross sudden beauty hello majority. Endure vanity including myself hair. Styles
    enhance blondes or browns different. Opinions for one thing Madonna you. Stole
    the moment not of beauty! Taking credit for fashion which. Prior established Ms.
    Vogue1 Strike a Pose or steal a hair style. Chic wondering blonde treatments. Harsh on your natural roots even. Marilyn had damage often wore wigs. Anyway
    Madonna trying be Sybil Souliner during 1989-1992. Photo session with Allan
    Grant and Willy Rizzo. Madonna Ms. Attitude no Strike a Suppose! Schedule
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    with new hair styles. Leave Marilyn others alone thought. Vogue was cool enjoyed Dick Tracy 1990. Really believe could recapture the 30"s. Madonna
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  63. Still fan of natural glamor yes. Wrote my influence absolutely Marilyn. Leave it alone Madonna saw pictures. Gene Lester (1910-1994) admit everyone amazed. Beauty of Marilyn short golden curls. Trademark of Marilyn during mid 50's. Which Madonna emulated during 1987 after horrible. White blonde of 1986 using Bumble salon. Red dress
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    original always reminds of Truth or Dare? Or scare if your daring to erase. Marilyn's image
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    Did need to enhance for publicity. Madonna wore hair as 1961 Marilyn opening Godfellas
    1990. Ben Ross photos and Eve Arnold proves. This forget April Vanity Fair 1991. Caught with Madonna Strike up Pose? Chic thanks children ignore Marilyn. Say Madonna laugh!
    LovingMarilyn the look a likes yeah. Showing Madonna infatuation with 50's Blondes!
    Divinemarilyn.canalblog showing Some Like Hot 1959 and Bus Stop. Depress years 1958
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    session with Madonna 1988,90 and 1991. French Glamor and Vogue never stops!