Friday, March 4, 2011

MAC goes GAGA ----->>

We truly believe that nowadays, it is extremely important to help and support people affected by different life circumstances. We are proud of Mac Cosmetics and support their passion!!

Two new VIVA GLAM shades were introduced by Cindi Lauper and Lady Gaga during this spring. Fashion-Forward Lady GaGa, who is on the cover of March Vogue represents a great
individuality and carries her own outrageous style. An extremely successful woman,chosen
to be a spokeswoman for a MAC cosmetics campaign, presents a pretty pink lipstick this year.....

The heart and soul the MAC AIDS Fund and The VIVA GLAM were launched in 1994, trying to support different organization around the world that provide services for people who affected by AIDS. To date MAC Cosmetics has donated about
$160 million dollars to the fund. It is very important that every cent from the sale of this
lipstick and lipglass goes toward helping women, men and kids.....great!!! Unfortunately,many companies donate their profit from such campaigns partially.

Cheers to MAC!!!

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