Friday, February 18, 2011

Makeup has its History Too.

“Fashion is about change and, for me, the philosophy is always the same ..." Calvin Klein

The clothes change overtime so does hairstyle and makeup. The hair has been curled, frizzed, crimped when the makeup has gone through different stages, changing from minimal to maximal and vice versa. During 1960s the eyes were the focus of the face. Women got new cosmetic products from the latest, fashionable houses. One of the beauty icons of the 1960s was Brigitte Bardo who's makeup was a trend. Almost every woman at that time wanted to pull something from her. By using liquid and cake liners, lots of mascara and fake lashes, they tried to achieve that mysterious sexy look. They were using blue and white eyeshadows and extremely bright colors of lipstick: orange, dark plum and pale pink.

Here, at Chic Studios NYC we designed a course where you can learn all the fundamentals and techniques of Period Makeup as well as Makeup and Hair Styling History.

The course includes:

▪ Introduction to Period Makeup
▪ History of the Decades
▪ 1920s-2000's Lip & Eyebrow Applications
▪ Retro Makeup / Pinup Makeup
▪ Contouring - Face & Eye Shapes
▪ Brow Covering
▪ Period Influences & Style

We Look Forward to Your Career!!!

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